Saturday, February 2, 2008


A nice sunny day with husband home and no pressing business. May I present:
Pattern: Perfect Turtleneck by Paton's
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in a cream color
Needles: US 10
Mods: Obviously there are no sleeves and the turtleneck is not so turtle-y. I knit the main body mostly to pattern. For the arm area I picked up about 80 some odd stitches and did a k2p2 for edging. The turtleneck is also to pattern, just made shorter.

I *LOVE* this yarn. It is soft and squishy and super warm. Once spring hits this is going to be a big time addition to my wardrobe.

The minimalist cardigan is coming along. The body is done... I'm just trying to sort through how I want to do the sleeves. I've got super long monkey arms and I've spent most of my life with sleeves too short. So I prefer full length sleeves, if I can get them.

Once I sort through the sleeve pattern, the minimalist cardi will probably be done in short order. I can 't believe how fast of a knit this is - particularly since this moss stitch seems to go SO SLOW. But whiz-bang, you've suddenly got the front panel, and whiz-bang, there's the back. So far I've spent maybe four evenings of knitting! A sweater in a week? Not bad. Not bad at all.



Team Knit ! said...

Your sleeveless turtleneck is beautiful! I'm itching to start some sleeveless knitting, just to tell spring to hurry up already!

- Julie

a friend to knit with said...

i LOVE your sleeveless turtleneck!
in cream. just lovely!

Lisa said...

Super Nice!!!!

Hilary said...

That's so cute! Great job!

tiennie said...

I love it! It looks fantastic on you!

del said...

What a great sleeveless turtleneck! You did a great job. And the color is beautiful...simple & classic.

Katie said...

love this!