Monday, November 5, 2007

Everybody knows it's Windy....

My dog hates the wind. She's fine with thunder, fireworks, whatever. But the wind... not so much. The night before last blew a fierce storm, and Kona paced... back and forth... clickety click across the bathroom floor. Occasionally she'd paw at us or cross the bed back and forth.

For hours this went on. Finally, around 2am, I got up and as a last ditch effort, made her a little fort right next to Dave's side of the bed. I pulled over her bed, and stuffed a towel and a blanket between the bed and the nightstand. The result was this:

but hallelujah if she didn't stay there all dang night. She's not real pleased with me... I pulled up the towel to show the fort... previously she was all snuggled up under there feeling safe and secure. That is a not-happy-with-me dog.

I made my dog a fort. I don't know if that's ridiculous or inventive. But I made my dog a FORT.

My little pony

The weekend cardigan, minus her clasps, is done. Despite massive color bleeding when washed, I love the yarn. The color and the feel... it's wonderful. If I make this again I'll probably make a few mods, like holding on to the edge ribbing stitches for the neckline and picking up fewer neckline stitches. But overall I'm very very happy with it. I think my mother will be too...

Pattern: Weekend Cardigan by Ivete Tecedor
Yarn: Swish Superwash from KnitPicks - double stranded
Needles: Size 10
Colorway: Fired Brick

I've also cast on for my sister's CPH and made some pretty good headway. I've set myself a two week time limit to finish this sweater... should be more than enough, don't you think? Especially when you consider what I did yesterday...
The back piece is knit to the armholes. I am hoping to finish the back tonight and do the two front pieces this week. We'll see. I am going to the hockey game tonight (GO AVS!!!!) and I have music Tuesday and Thursday. It'll be a row here and a row there.

Everything else is plugging along. I picked up some adorable vogue sewing patterns this weekend. I think after Christmas I might pull out my sewing machine, dust her off, and make something pretty for myself. I've been leaning towards 50's style dresses lately... I realized this summer that hey - I have no summer dresses. Boo. This must be remedied. So what do you think? With a nice linen fabric maybe? Or cotton? I also picked up this for my neice... she's in the "heesee" phase and loves everything related. She's even got my little ponies... remember those? Yeah, me too. Funny.