Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missing in Action...

Hello! I have not forgotten you! I have been working an unbelievable amount (think 16 hour days) which leaves me little time for anything but sleeping, working, and *ahem* getting the flu. Which is particularly nasty this year. I don't typically advocate flu shots, but if you haven't gotten one yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. I was down for three days with a fever and it took me two full weeks to get back on my feet. But wait! Lest you think I had sick days to knit! Oh no! I worked through all that -it was working from home, but working none-the-less. Ugh.

On the upshot, I am going on vacation soon, and should have plenty of plane time to knit. Yarn is ordered*, patterns picked out, and soon I will have FOs!!!

*I know, I know, I'm on a yarn diet. But I discussed this with my husband and we decided that ordering yarn to make gifts with is not really ordering yarn. It's ordering gifts that need assembly. :D