Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Minimalist thujas

Just got an email from my in-laws with this photo attached... too cute. These are the Thuja socks in cascade 220 superwash. I've also knit these for myself and my husband... they are great for puttering around the house on a cold day. Yum yum yum. I love me some toasty feet.

I am knitting away fast and furious on the Minimalist Cardigan. This thing seems to be flying off my needles! Although - I must admit that the back is taking a bit more effort to get through. So. Much. Moss stitch. Now I remember why I always do the back sections of sweaters first... enthusiasm is the best medicine for a long and moss stitchy road. After the back piece is done, the rest is chump change, right?

And I really have finished the sleeveless turtleneck - and worn it even! - I'm just waiting for a good day to take pics when my photographer (hubby) is actually here. I promise - photos are coming soon! I love how it turned out. *love* how it turned out. And it's soft and squishy and made out of yarn recycled from my monstrous arm cozies... remember those? Yeah. Those were too big. HA! You KNOW they're too big when you can frog two arm warmers and make a sleeveless sweater out of them! *giggle*

I'm not sure what's next on the knit list. I have loads of stuff stashed up. I could knit up Glee in either black or cream, I could knit either the indigo or lovely leaf lace skirt, the Gallery jacket, beaded cami, I could go on. I'm pretty sure I want something with lots of stockinette and NO MOSS STITCH.

Any votes? I'm leaning towards the Glee shirts... I have some mods in mind and it's still kind of winter-y...


a friend to knit with said...

glee. for sure! and either black or cream would be lovely.
look forward to seeing your cardigan.
and your in-laws are too cute!!! their socks look great.

tiennie said...

That is a cute pic! Glad they're enjoying your knits.