Sunday, March 22, 2009

You're calibrating the what?

The cigar knucks. I had originally knit these for my Uncle Scott, but... but. I am sorry to say that he is no longer in need of gloves of any sort. These are to be bequeathed to my Uncle Norm (my aunt Melody's husband).

I asked my darling husband to model these for us and told him to just do something with his hands.

"Well, I suppose the flux capacitor needs some calibration..."

Melodious gloves

In January, my immediate family reconnected with my father's sister, Melody. It's been years, both sides have had troubles, and we all just kind of fell away. And despite the circumstances, it was wonderful to see her again - I had forgotten just how warm and funny a woman she is.

At dinner one evening, my aunt Melody bequeathed to me a beautiful scarf that she had knit herself. A discussion of knitting ensued, and she mentioned that she hadn't gotten the nerve to try gloves yet... enter the Melodious Gloves.These gloves are the result of two beautiful patterns... the Cigar gloves from Knitty, and Susie's Reading Mitts, by Janelle Masters. The colors were inspired by my aunt Melody - her favorites. I am hoping she likes these - they are a surprise...

And just in time for summer. I *REALLY* need more time to knit.