Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Bwa ha HA. Do you see me? Lookit lookit... there I am!

Dave's brother and his wife are in town and so we took a holiday to go ski. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was gorgeous... sunny, warm but not too warm, and we had nice fluffy snow to ski on. Plus - no lift lines, the chutes were open (as you can see from the photo above) and my darling husband finally caved as I egged him on to do crazy and ridiculous things. On this particular jump he was a little wobbly mid-air, but he stuck the landing beautifully! On another jump he got about four or five feet up, totally biffed the landing, and some teenage snowboarder came up behind us saying "Dude - are you alright? That was GNARLY!"

I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

One more gratifying picture (the camera was somewhere down by his knees to get this shot... nice and steep. MMMMM)

And now on to knitting!

My friend Gena is having a baby soon. For her baby shower I figured I'd try my hand at baby knits. The result? They ROCK. So quick! So freakin CUTE! I will knit many more baby things in the near future. I love them. Love love love love love. Next I think I will try booties. Maybe a cap. Maybe other yummy patterns I happen to find. Even better... they don't take up super lots of yarn... so all those orphan skeins I have in my stash? Yeah. Baby items. Fortunately, I know plenty of people who are having babies soon (my sister being on of them) so I have much fodder for cute baby knitting. YAY!


Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Okay, that was very stupid. I clicked publish too soon and then deleted it and it looks like I said something horrible.

Anyway, GREAT pictures. And what a perfect weekend to be skiing.

The baby sweater looks so soft - beautiful! Although I gotta say it cracks me up that you wrapped a baby gift in ribbon with the word bitch on it. : )

a friend to knit with said...

ha! we love the "where's waldo" books around here.
i had a great time looking for you.
fun on the slopes!
and an adorable baby sweater!

tiennie said...

Love the skiing pics and the baby knit! Glad you had a fun time!

Hilary said...

I totally agree about the baby knits. They're instant gratification and a perfect palate cleanser if you happen to be tired of a larger project and just want to make something rightnow. Plus, you can't beat the cuteness. Your little sweater is adorable!