Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lo and behold...

I knit something. Two somethings, actually. For Halloween. On size 11 needles. In eyelash yarn. Yes.

Hope you all had a marvelous Halloween!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I dreamed about blogging last night... I figured I ought to do so. Unfortunately, I have no pictures, but I have managed to find time to knit. At the moment, I'm finishing up a set of Thuja socks for puttering around the house in. The yarn is inherited. Pretty colors, but it's the old type of nylon yarn that isn't as soft as it could be. Is okay for house socks though - keeps my toes warm!

I also just ordered some knit picks options needles, size 4, to start in on the Skinny Empire. I have some beautiful Shine Sport in willow, and I have at least one major modification in mind. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes me to knit this up with the twins in the mix...

Anyone know of any good speed knitting techniques? :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

The gifts we miss...

My husband and I were visiting my parents a few years ago, and my Nana happened to be sitting at the counter, knitting away at a blue bobbled thing.

My husband says to her, "Hey - that's neat. What are you knitting?"

She responded with "It's a baby blanket for the next one of you that has a boy."

And as he said "Oh that's nice" and started to walk away, she yelled "Did you HEAR ME?!"

I laughed a good long while at that one. And I still giggle every time I look at this blanket.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, herro there!

I am still alive! But to be honest, friends, it was a very close thing. Very close indeed.

To make a long story short, on Jan 4th I went to the hospital with mild contractions. My doctor did a blood panel, and I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome - something that affects 0.2-0.6% of pregnant women and is characterized by renal failure, liver rupture, and general ickyness. I was already in renal failure when they sent me to Denver. They could not stabilize my condition for more than 24 hours before the boys started showing signs of stress.

As a result, Elijah Joel and Edward Charles were born by emergency c-section on January 5th at 6:35 and 6:36 pm. They are still in the NICU, with round the clock care by some of the most fantastic people imaginable. These nurses and doctors - they have answered our every question, they have explained patiently everything that is happening to our boys and their best options for survival while still allowing us to feel somewhat in control of the whirlwind around us. All of this while I'm still recovering my kidney, liver, and platelet function in addition to a c-section - trying to manage the whirlwind around just recovering me. That is an amazing thing, people. If you EVER need care, come to Denver and University Hospital.

The boys are 3 pounds each - so tiny - and yet they are so strong. They cry vigorously and throw fits and then calm down to hear my voice. It's amazing. They are amazing. As my doctors have and continue to remark upon, I am a very VERY lucky woman.

For now, I spend most of my days either at the hospital with the boys, or home resting and recovering myself. Blogging content might be a bit slow for a while - I'm attempting to keep up with the knitting, but between the drugs and the general recovery, I am doing a LOT of sleeping. I'll try to photograph what I knit and keep you all up to date though.

And more pictures of the boys are SURE to follow. :D