Thursday, February 28, 2008


The fabulous thing about knitting entirely from my stash is that I feel absolutely no guilt when buying knitting accessories. For example - the spring 2008 IK? Yup. Bought that with no problem. Need size 7 dpns? No sweat. Buttons? Hey - splurge a little and buy the glass ones.

I am DEFINITELY a fan of this. I wonder if I can find yarn gnomes to keep me all stashed up?


The cropped cardigan needs sleeves, but the main body is done. How freaking fast did this go! It's knitting up as fast or faster than my sad little minimalist cardigan - who at this moment is peeking out of my knitting bag sighing *sleeve me! sleeeeeeeeeve me!*

I shall be knitting nothing but sleeves for a week. THEN I will wear cardigans galore.


Stella said...

I'm totally in the same boat -- the yarn fast means I don't feel guilty buying good needles, buttons, or even fabric... so long as I don't go crazy.

Can't wait to see your cardigans!

a friend to knit with said...

perfect!!! still supporting the crafting world. love it.!

yep. me too. can't wait to see your cardigans.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for guilt-free! The cardis sound absolutely cozy. Can't wait to see.

tiennie said...

I'm all about the extras so yay!

peaknits said...

Thanks for coming by may blog so I could wander back to yours - I love, love the idea of forcing bulbs - and strangely enough - I have been thinking about doing that lately! Thanks for the reminder!:)