Friday, August 28, 2009

The skinny bitch is skinny no longer

I realize that I have been quiet for some time, and I do apologize, but I actually have a very good reason for my silence. For the better part of two months, I've been unable to do much besides try to get through my day. Yes, dramatic and sad sounding, right? Not so much.

My husband and I decided that after almost 10 years together, it was time. Yup. I'm expecting. But that's not all. I'm expecting TWINS.

If ever I needed my knitting mojo back, it's now. And lo did the sun did shine down and I started going through the many baby patterns that my loving Nana left to me. Yes, I will knit again. I MUST knit again, and I must start post-haste. I need to get it all in now before the twins are born because heaven knows I'll have NO time after.

Anyway, now that I can look at a computer (or anything else for that matter) without getting ill, I will be writing more often. Hopefully with knitting content. :D