Friday, February 22, 2008

Aren't there drugs for that?

I appear to have the common but painful disease startitis. My Moss Stitch Cardigan sits sadly on the back of my chair, Glee stares mournfully out of my knitting bag as I cast on for yet another project.

Last summer I realized that I had not a single "daily-wear" dress in my wardrobe. No - they are all formal occasion/wear to wedding type dresses. Say what!? How could this be?! I don't know how it happened, but it did. And since this discovery, I have been determined to rectify the situation. So!

During the recent family visit, I was fortunate enough to purchase an Anthropologie dress on mad sale. I got a thumbs up from my husband (who's picky as hell), a thumbs up from the brother-in-law (also picky as hell) and the ever-important thumbs up from the sister-in-law (who has fabulous taste). So out came the checkbook, and out I walked with this little number. As I admired the lace sticking out of the bag, I realized that an adorable little dress needs an adorable little cropped cardigan for those potentially chilly spring/summer nights. Who could argue?

Ergo, I have cast on 100-32 Short Cardigan with the 3/4 sleeves.

Despite my poor, sad little already-started projects, this is somewhat of an occasion for me. The sweater is cropped (which I typically hate) and 3/4 sleeves (which I typically hate even more) but it's perfect for this dress.

And so I embark on a new clothing experience.

Although I did finish knitting SOMETHING.
Booties for baby B. Knit whilst watching Blades of Glory and trying not to laugh beer out my nose (this is a very painful experience. avoid it if you can).


Rachel said...

I'm not a dress-wearing gal and I'd give thumbs up on that dress too. That says a lot! can't wait to see the cardi with it--it already looks like it'll be a killer combo!

Katherine said...

That dress is beautiful? Man, I love that store, but I rarely get to buy anything there (strollers don't fit in the sale room). Nice find. It will look fabulous with the sweater.

tiennie said...

That dress is so pretty! Yes, a cardigan is a must. Love the cute baby booties.

Team Knit ! said...

I love that dress! Anthropologie has so many gorgeous clothes. A cardi will be brilliant!

- Julie