Saturday, July 28, 2007



(quick edit/update... my username is skinnybknits if you wanna find me....)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Uh. So.

I had planned on making my soon to be sister in law the flower basket shawl for her bridal shower gift, but it is just not going to happen.


Because I am completely and utterly lacetarded. Orangina is fine because it's a small repeat. Anything more complicated and my brain gives out. I can't tell if it's just that I use up all my brain cells during the day writing code and learning Russian, or if I'm just totally unable to count. I still add smallish numbers on my fingers, for heaven's sake.

The bright side of this is that Tiennie, who happens to have some kick-ass timing (as well as knitting), provided me with an alternate idea...

Check out her "love languages" blog post. :D

A general idea of my current state:

Courtesy of the creatures in my head.


Holy CRAP! Did you guys see THIS:

Student knits her own Ferrari

Art graduate Lauren Porter knitted a Ferrari sportscar for her honours degree at Bath Spa University.

The classic red bodywork consists of 250 squares of garter stitch made by Lauren and 20 family members and friends.

The windows are V-shaped stocking stitch, while the details are crochet and the badge is embroidered.

It's all supported by a steel frame which Lauren, 22, of Greatham, Hants, welded herself.

Incidentally, what the heck is "Bath Spa University"? I just saw "Legally Blonde" for the first time on tv and now all I can think about is Delta Nu.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stockinette lace

Who knew? Did *you* know that Orangina was such a quick knit? Is it a craft secret?

This fabulous piece of lace only took me a couple hours to knit up. At this rate, I might have to knit myself 5 or 6 more! So easy! I've found, however, that I can't watch anything engaging on TV whilst knitting this. I get too involved and I've had to frog a few rows due to a rather interesting National Geographic show. :D What can I say, I'm a sucker for boring tv.

Speaking of TV, I woke up Saturday morning feeling rather ill - so in the interest of keeping myself on the couch and resting, I decided to do something TOTALLY boring. I popped Pride and Prejudice (both disks) in the dvd player and started the prairie tunic. Not as quick a knit as the orangina, but still coming along. The picture doesn't do the color justice, it's BEAUTIFUL. A vibrant, hallelujah, kick my heels up and rejoice at the beautiful sky type of blue. The kind of blue that my grandmother used to look at and say "look, the ceruleans have come out to play!". She was a bit bonkers, that one. But so sweet. And one HELL of an artist. So this color will remind me of her when I wear it, and I can watch anything I want on tv because it's ALL STOCKINETTE STITCH.