Wednesday, December 9, 2009

four little booties sitting in a row....

...waiting for owners to fill them with toes!
Are you surprised to hear from me? I have taken a short hiatus to... well... grow a few people. And to knit them wee garments. Double of everything. They have little sweaters to go with these booties and little hats to match. I have actually been quite the knitting fool, in between eating ridiculous amounts of food and sleeping 13 hours a night. And still working full time. And getting the nursery set up. And did I mention sleeping whenever possible?

Where were we? Ah, yes. Knitting for the babies. At some point I realized that as a knitter, I cannot in good conscience clothe the new monsters in anything I have not knit for them myself. Ergo, baby knitting. Which ROCKS. I've been using Debbie Bliss patterns for the booties and cardigan, and a Louisa Harding pattern for the beanie caps. Here's one of the cardigans:
I just need to sew the snap bands on these guys and they will be good to go. Cuz buttons on a wiggly baby? Not so much. Especially not with TWO wiggly babies. :D

Baby knitting is fast becoming my favorite pastime. It's quick, it's easy, it uses up remnants, and it's SO FREAKIN CUTE. What's not to love?