Sunday, October 14, 2007

Utter madness

In light of the recent weather (it's 43 degrees and drizzling) I figured it was time to pack away the summer garments and bring out the nice knit sweaters. Plus I was cold.

Before I packed her away in cedar and lavender, I photographed the summertime tunic to give you all a peek. So here she is:

Can you see the difference in lots? I thought I'd picked out all the same lot number. Turns out they were one digit off. I didn't notice until AFTER I was done. Oh well. You can't really tell when I'm wearing it. And it's comfy and cool and ergo it's going into storage until weather permits.

I'm about halfway done with the weekend cardigan. I'm knitting the two front pieces and the back all as one... a zillion stitches per row but it's less seaming when I'm done (woohoo) . About a third of the way through my most recent row, however, I realized that I'm probably going to want to do some waist shaping. There's none in the pattern, but I think my mother will appreciate a more streamlined form. I don't think I'll mod much besides that, but we'll see. So far I'm quite pleased with the color and the knit. Hopefully she will be too!


a friend to knit with said...

LOVe the color of your summertime tunic....and that brown ribbon!
Look forward to seeing your weekend cardi...and for your mom?! you are such a sweet daughter!

tiennie said...

I love this color combo! You can't tell in the pics that it's a different dye lot.

Arabela said...
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