Friday, October 26, 2007

busy bee

Things seem to be back to normal around here. All the evacuated are back home and still HAVE homes (for which I am thankful) and we've stopped staring intently at the television and gone back to having the history channel as background noise. In the interim we went to the punkin patch, where DD and Unga Dees appear to have had too much coffee...

And I have just about finished mom's weekend cardigan. This is the body. One sleeve is about done, I just have the other sleeve and some finishing to do. I'm not totally sold on this yet - we'll see how it blocks out and how the toggle clasps work... I may pull it apart and make some mods if I have time. Honestly, it's such a quick knit that it's hardly a big deal at all!

I'll hopefully soon cast on for the sister's cardigan, and I need to bobble for the bobble bag. Other than that, I'm in pretty decent shape. Last year this time I hadn't even started. Maybe this year my hands won't fall off. :D


tiennie said...

I'm glad everyone is safe and back in their homes! Fun picture at the pumpkin patch!

a friend to knit with said...

Can't wait to see that weekend cardi!
glad you are safe.
the history channel....that is my husbands favorite background noice too. i think i prefer silence. :)