Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The all-purpose cardigan

My wardrobe is simple. I have a lot of very clean lines and single color items. So I tend to rely on accent items to spice things up - shoes, scarves, sweaters... Now that the weather has started getting colder, I'm relying a lot on tshirts and cardigans... ergo this lovely item is going to be a staple.

Behold the black CPH - superwashed, blocked, and currently being worn.
Pattern: Central Park Hoodie - KnitScene Fall 2006
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash
Needles: Size 5 and 7
Colorway: Black

This knit up pretty tight - in fact, I was a little worried about the fit. But blocking made this soft, supple, and just the right size.


More shots - can you tell how much I'm in love with this sweater?


tiennie said...

I love it too! I think I'm going to have to knit a 4th CPH. Yours looks fantastic on you!

Cecilia said...

What a great, versatile sweater! It's just perfect. Nicely done.

a friend to knit with said...

Oh....this is just the best! i love it.....i really want to make one....some day! :)

Lisa said...

LOOKS so awesome. I really want to buy some yarn to make that sweater. It is beautiful and looks very comfy.

Lolly said...

I love your version! it really is all-purpose. Looks great on you ;)