Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I spent my Friday night at my Nana's, organizing her knitting needles into the needle roll I made for her. That woman has a LOT of knitting needles. She also has a vast collection of the funniest old knitting books. Good heavens we used to knit ugly stuff! As I got chances I did rows on my second CPH sleeve - I got to the bind off row before I realized I'd royally screwed something up and had to frog back to the beginning of the decrease section. Boo. But the darling black CPH is on her way! I promise!

Stash enhancement has occurred over the last few weeks, which is soon to become stash dehancement (is that a word?) because I'm starting to knit gifts for my family. This lovely lady...

will soon be the weekend cardigan for my mother.

A nice deep cedar green (which I haven't ordered yet) will become a CPH for my sister, since she keeps wanting to borrow mine! >:|

And for Nana? Well, she is getting something special. She'll receive a nice bright bobble bag. Her love of bobbles is a standing joke in the family - once she knit my father a brilliant kelly green sweater with bobbles all over the front... it was hideous... in fact, I think I inherited that thing... Yep. In the laundry hamper. Anything Nana knits you is to be worn with pride, right? Right. Anyway, Nana is getting the bobble bag.

Speaking of the kelly green bobble sweater...

It's a little (okay, maybe a lot) more neon than this, I think the red balances out the green, but... yeah.


a friend to knit with said...

so sweet to organize your nana's knitting supplies!
i promise, i had a bobble sweater just like the green one! :)

your nana will LOVE that bag! Sabrina over at smf sporty chic....i have her link on my side bar, made it, and it is fabulous!

i love that you are knitting really wonderful things for your family!

tiennie said...

Those are going to be really sweet gifts for your mom and nana! How nice of you!

Cecilia said...

Wow, that's an ambitious holiday knit list! That noni bag is so cute. I think it is so sweet of you to knit it for your nana. And sweaters for mom and sis! You are so kind. Enjoy your projects. I'll look forward to seeing progress.