Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Knock knock...

It's me! And look! Orangina was worn out and about today! I'm definitely a fan... though I might add a little length to it in the future. Maybe my next one. Ooo - in a nice raspberry rich red. Mmm. Raspberries!

I'm heavily medicated at the moment... this cold just won't go away. I even tried to make a deal with my nose: I won't use harsh tissues on it if it stops running. So far the deal isn't working. Even the medication isn't really working. Bah.

So what does one do when heavily medicated? One must try a knitting pattern one has never tried before. So what did I do? SOCKS! Did you hear that!? I KNITTED A NON-UGLY-SOCK!!! Well, I don't think it's ugly anyway. It's the thuja pattern... I'm trying out sock patterns for potential Christmas gifts. *sigh* August, and I'm thinking about Christmas. Anyway anyway look!

It's knit out of the leftover hourglass yarn - so I can wear my sweater and wear my socks and I will MATCH. Kick ASS. I finished this one yesterday, when not-so-medicated, and today (just now, really) I tried to knit the other side... I'm about halfway done but I think due to the medication I missed a whole set of instructions and I ended up with a smurf-sized sock. Hmm. Maybe I can make it a nose-warmer.

Um, what's left? My honey displayed his mad baking skills and made me a loaf of bread:

Really it's for him, but I get some. Not that I can taste the bread, or really anything, at the moment, but I'm sure it tastes great. :D

I think I ought to go to bed now.


tiennie said...

Orangina is fabulous on you!!! Beautiful job! I really like Thuja - in fact, I'm going to knit more!

Cecilia said...

Your Orangina is beautiful! I am so inspired by your work. I may need to try one of these for myself.