Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blocking blocking blocking...

Orangina is finished and blocking! To be honest, I'm not quite sold on her yet... I needed some length and while I *think* I got it with the blocking, we'll have to see. It's a beautiful pattern though and I'm waiting patiently to see how she turns out...

As you may also have noticed from the sidebar... I've had the Summertime Tunic finished for a minty... I'm just waiting to update y'all with pics before I move it off to the FO list. I'll take pics soon - really I will! The summertime tunic is way cute... I've already worn it twice since finishing it. Yay for happy patterns!

Today was a sick day... on the evening we returned from the backpacking adventure, I went to my nephew's fourth birthday party... many many screaming sugar-high children who were all in all pretty damn funny. At one point DD (nephew) was jumping around in the kitchen saying "I've... had... too... much... sugar.... sugar... sugar.... sugar..."

Anyway, children are petri dishes and lo and behold, I got sick. So I spent all day sleeping and knitting the sleeve of my soon to be new favorite sweater... the black CPH. I love cardigans, I love black cardigans even more, and I love the 220 superwash from Cascade. Let's hear a cheer for Cascade 220! Those COLORS! That feel! Love love love. I can't wait to finish this cardigan.

I'll update with pics soon! Stay tuned!

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tiennie said...

Cascade 220 doesn't get the credit that it deserves! I hope you're feeling better!