Monday, May 7, 2007

Navy Blue Estimacation

Sooooo... I am a horrible estimator. I thought being married to his royal braininess would help me with this, but no. I've finished both sleeves and part of the hood, but I have no more yarn for the navy blue hoodie. Maybe it's not my estimating skills - maybe a yarn fairy comes and steals my stash at night. Who knows. But I must now order more yarn. Which is actually fine because I needed some size 3 circulars anyway. :D

So rather than knitting, this weekend I partially cleaned out the basement and hung shelving in the garage... ready? Ooooooo....

It was exciting. Using my fabulous estimating skills, I hung the vertical bars just a bit off... and ended up using my dremel and a pair of pliers to get the shelves to fit right. BUT! Everything is level and drilled into studs and nothing fell down in the middle of the night so that's good. And now I have a happy husband. :D

Last night I decided to eschew the ugly symptoms of knitting withdrawal, so I started a purple tweed vest from the leftover CPH yarn... I promise it doesn't look as dorky as it sounds. At least, not what I see it being. It's kitschy and cool and I have horn-rimmed glasses on...


Okay, so maybe a bit dorky. But dorky is the new cool. Right?



Asaknitter said...

Ooh aah, you DIY queen, you!


Cecilia said...

Brilliant shelf-hanging. I'm very impressed. Especially since they didn't fall down after being loaded with stuff. Good job.

tiennie said...

Great job on the shelves! I'm a dork too so let us Dorks Unite!

a friend to knit with said...

Totally LOVE dorky....Yes, it is the new cool! I let my 11 year old wear stipes and plaids together and we both think it looks totally cool! :)
I am impressed with your ability to use tools!

Sorry you ran out of yarn...I hate when that happens!