Thursday, May 24, 2007


My beautiful, red, semi-see-through cotton sizzle! Finished over the weekend during a 9-hours-there-7-hours-back trip to Albuquerque! Kick ass!

It wasn't quite dry yet, but I HAD to try it on. It fits so nicely! I believe the white tank I have on underneath will have to be substituted for something a bit more skin colored, but OH! It is loverly. I can't wait to wear it out and about. Perhaps it will dry by tomorrow.....

AND! Guess what else got washed and is now blocking?

The navy cardi! It was just boring and blue before, so I wasn't really wearing it much. I decided it needed a bit of embellishment, so I raided the stash and came up with a lighter blue... and did the following:

As you can see I did some trimmin; and I think some nice dark wood buttons would do it nicely. Yes. It is currently pinned to my craft room carpet to dry (it's new carpet, eh) and as you can see from the photo, I must beg the question...

How the hell do you block a HOOD?


a friend to knit with said...

First of all, your red sizzle does just that! Sizzles!
It looks fantastic.........I am sure you are wearing it this weekend!

Love what you did to your hoodie!
As far as blocking the hood.....Hmmm....I usually do it separate, on its side.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cecilia said...

Wow! Beautiful sizzle! And I love the trimmin on the hoodie too. You are sooooo productive. How excellent that you can accomplish so much car knitting. I wish I could be a car knitter, but it makes me carsick so I rarely even attempt it.

Lisa said...

sizzle looks awesome!

tiennie said...

Both are fabulous! What a perfect fit Sizzle is!