Thursday, May 10, 2007

Double oh eight and double oh nine

My husband told me today that when people introduce us we sound like spies:

"This is Dave - he sends stuff into space. And this is his wife Lori - she builds things for the Russians."

I laughed heartily at that one. I also asked where the hell our super cool gadgety roadster was cuz.... SERIOUSLY. I covet that car. Though I'd probably install a martini shaker and a place for my knitting needles to shoot out at bad guys. Talk about a secret weapon! I would zoom down the road like Isadora Duncan with my handknitted silk scarf flying in the wind shooting out the tires of the bad guys behind me with my super kickass knitting needles. YEAH!

Speaking of knitting:
I have ordered an inordinate amount of yarn - I think I'm becoming a yarnaholic, actually - so I have many projects on the horizon. Here's the plan:

Cascade 220 Superwash:
CPH in black(because I desperately need a good black cardigan) and Joelle Hoverson's hourglass sweater out of this beautiful brown...

Catalina Baby Alpaca Pima:
The most beautiful red for the Natasha cabled pullover from Adrienne Vittadini. I've seen quite a few pattern suggestions/corrections for this... but I must try it. I fell in love after seeing it here: Domesticat

Elann baby silk:
I probably should've picked a lighter yarn for my orangina, but it's always cold at work, so I'm hoping it works out. If I make this again, it will be in cotton for happy summer wear.

Karabella Zodiac:
I must be on a red kick, because I absolutely fell in love with the brick color. It's deep and rich and I'm going to try the sizzle pattern again with this yarn. It's cotton, but has a gorgeous sheen to it and it splits much less than the Elann did... so here we go again with the sizzle. Hopefully this one works out. I'm keeping my toes crossed (so I can use my fingers to knit).


Fortunately for me, I have a road trip coming up - which means loads of knitting time! YAY! 9 hours on the way down (that's the long way) and 7-8 on the way back.... Rock n Roll. :D Maybe I'll have some FOs to post when I get back... at the very least I will have progress. And I PROMISE I will have pictures!


In the meantime, have a happy weekend!


tiennie said...

Your intro does sound funny!

That is a lot you're going to be knitting. Knit fast!

bunchkin said...

I'm with you on the stash enhancement problem. I've been ordering WAY to much lately, but dang it's been fun!