Monday, January 22, 2007

I am aliiiiiiiive!

And I am KNITTING!!!

Lookit lookit lookit!

I am finishing up the arm today and hopefully will have it seamed in by tomorrow! And then to do the neck and TA-DAAAAA! I have a sweater!!!

I have also been working on the Central Park Hoodie - the back is done and I've started working on the front... left... I think. One of the front panels. Here is the back in all it's purple glory...

It's amazing how quickly these two projects are coming together. And I'm really enjoying the feeling of actually finishing something for myself. I can't wait to wear the raglan!

That's about it. It's snowing again. I absolutely love it, but everyone else seems to be really grouchy. I keep forgetting that most people here are used to snow that falls and then melts a day or two later. We've had snow here for the last 6 weeks! I suppose to the Coloradoan that's enough - but you get us Alaskan transplants down here and we're ecstatic just to have the sun! Ahh, it's the simple things, I suppose.

I'm off to play in the snow. And laugh at my grouchy neighbors. :D

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tiennie said...

Those sweaters are going to be awesome! I love my CPH and yours is look great!