Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Holidays

It's snowing again. Four weeks in a row. Although, today it's apparently freezing fog, which the weather forecasters keep referring to as "frog". Wasn't that considered a plague at one point in history?

The holidays were a whirlwind - more so than usual, since I have been sick for most of them - but overall very nice. I must've been a very good girl this year.... I got yarn and books and many great knitting sundries. The knitted gifts went over well, both mother and sister were happy, and even Nana was impressed - the knitting matriarch of my family. Warm fuzzies all around!

A few additions to my stash:

The donegal tweed - I've earmarked this for the Central Park Hoodie... such a fabulous purple color. :D

Baby silk and highland silk from Elann...

...which will eventually become sizzle (the blue-green) and orangina.

And to prove that I am not the only crazy one in my family, I present Nana in her Mrs. Santa outfit...

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