Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowed under

This is the view out my front door, circa 10 minutes ago. And I shoveled my front step about 30 minutes ago. I'd say that's between 8 inches and a foot of drift sitting there.


Gives new meaning to the old "Let it snow" carol. On the upshot, my DH came home early (it only took him 2 hrs to drive 10 miles) and he is cleaning the kitchen. Bless his heart. :D

AND! I am getting loads of knitting done!

The shawl is finished and blocked for the second time (after a minor mishap involving the dog's food). Here she is all folded up and ready to be wrapped....

This picture doesn't quite do it justice. It drapes beautifully. I'm definitely making one for myself. In a deep ruby red or soft pink or teal or something. Not green tho. Green is the sister's color. It would be nice to knit something that I don't give away.

Speaking of knitting for myself, I got bored of Xmas knitting last night and started this:

It'll be the first real thing I knit just for me! It's only a raglan sleeve sweater but aren't those colors divine? Knitpicks wool of the andes in redwood. Love love love.


It only took me one evening to finish this sleeve - woohoo!

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Stephanie said...

Okay. So that shawl is ridiculously amazing. I can hardly stand it. I'd like to say that some day I'll have the patience to make something like that, but I think that prospect is actually *quite* low.