Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to reality...

So the knitted gifts were a big hit, the non-knitted gifts were a big hit, and I made out like a bandit, despite repeatedly telling folks we didn't need more STUFF. So what did I get? Stuff. It's cool - it's all useful stuffs and quite nice. I am a lucky lucky girl.

Not lucky enough to escape illness, however.

The December/January bug has hit yet again. I have a splendid cold that's finally moved into my chest and made breathing near impossible. Plenty of time to sit and... think. Ha ha! Just kidding. I'm knitting. Well, thinking too, but mostly knitting.

And! All this thinking has led to another new year's resolution. After surveying my stash and actually writing out all the projects I have planned (and stashed for) I've decided that this year, I will buy no more yarn.

Yes, you read that right. Keep breathing.

I have so many cute projects that I've bought yarn for that I've decided I'm going to knit exclusively from my stash this year.


Wish me luck.



tiennieknits said...

Fantastic! Happy New Year!

Cecilia said...

Knit from your stash...a noble goal. Good luck with it. I'll look forward to seeing your projects.

a friend to knit with said...

gosh ella, i hope you feel better!
and you can do it! i know you can!!!! :)