Monday, July 16, 2007


Uh. So.

I had planned on making my soon to be sister in law the flower basket shawl for her bridal shower gift, but it is just not going to happen.


Because I am completely and utterly lacetarded. Orangina is fine because it's a small repeat. Anything more complicated and my brain gives out. I can't tell if it's just that I use up all my brain cells during the day writing code and learning Russian, or if I'm just totally unable to count. I still add smallish numbers on my fingers, for heaven's sake.

The bright side of this is that Tiennie, who happens to have some kick-ass timing (as well as knitting), provided me with an alternate idea...

Check out her "love languages" blog post. :D

A general idea of my current state:

Courtesy of the creatures in my head.


Lisa said...

No worries = I'm lacetarded too! I finally gave up on finishing my FBS...It was a pain to knit and I didn't find it enjoyable - so halfway finished - off it went.

tiennie said...

That cracks me up! Thanks for the link to my blog!

a friend to knit with said...

Havn't done to much lace......maybe this is why! :)

Learning Russian? I am impressed!

Cecilia said...

I am astounded at your progress on Orangina. Can't wait to see that all finished up. Sorry about your aggravation with the FBS.