Friday, March 9, 2007

Cat woman

Hmm. So not much with the knitting.

I've been trying - really, I have! - but my sister went and got a kitten and then flew off to Scotland to visit with her in-laws, so guess who is watching the cat?

Let me start by stating that they named this kitten Bellatrix, after the Harry Potter character. It is VERY appropriate.

So...yeah. Did you know that knitting is not so easy with a cat around? In fact, knitting is not so happening *at all* with a cat around. My dogs - they don't really care so much about the knitting thing so long as they can curl up somewhere nearby. Bellatrix? She took a flying leap from the top of the kitchen island, ricocheted off my head, and then pounced on the ball of yarn as though it was... well, I don't know what. Harry Potter or something. She's totally nuts.

So yeah, not much with the knitting.

But I've been doing other stuff. With the one true passion thing. Which is not, incidentally, anything obscene. Or at least, *I'm* not obscene about it, although I suppose some could be and are. If you click the link, be prepared with the volume-making, and potentially some earplugs.



1 comment:

tiennie said...

Very cool! I'm so jealous of people that can sing and put themselves out there. Me, I'm a sing-to-myself-only-in-the-car kinda person.

Bellatrix does sound very apropriate!