Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Gotta go...

I think these arm cozies are going to have to be recycled. I *love* the yarn, but the cozies? Not so much. These only go up just past the elbow on the model. Can you see how big they are? I had to put them on OVER my long sleeve shirt just to get it to stay up. *sigh*

Frog. Frog. Frog.

Not the weather kind, the knitting kind.

Speaking of weather, it's been quite pleasant the last few days.

Hmm. I think I will knit this yarn up into a sleeveless turtleneck. It's getting towards spring... just about the time I want to bare my arms to get some sun, but not freeze my scrawny booty off. And with Debbie Bliss super chunky cashmerino - what better than a chunky, super-warm cashmerino sleeveless turtleneck!? Ahh, Debbie Bliss, how I love thee...

Of course, that also means I'm likely going to have to buy another skein or two of yarn. Which means I get to go yarn shopping! Hooray!!

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tiennie said... more yarn....

You are a tiny thing aren't you?!