Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slowly, very slowly...

... creeps the garden snail! Little by little I begin to knit again. I have a large project in store (a wedding gift for some very dear friends) but while I was waiting for the yarn to arrive, I knit up this little guy:

Pattern: Easy-Care Cacti by Carol Meldrum and Julie Marchington
Yarn: The nylon yarn I inherited. :D
Needles: 7
Mods: Um, this is kind of the pattern. I basically looked at a picture and made it up as I went.

My in-laws bought a place around the corner from us so they could come stay as long as they wanted without feeling like they were overstaying their welcome (they never have). Since it's a part-time residence, they can't really have plants. I thought this would be an amusing little housewarming present. It was. They liked it!

The gift yarn has arrived - bare swish worsted from Knit Picks. The swatch is YUMMMMM. Washed and dried it is SO SOFT. I can't wait to start knitting this gift!

PS - I hope you all are doing fantastically! I check in on your blogs as often as I can... which isn't all that often with two 14month olds running around. But know that I do try to keep up and I follow many of your projects - which in turn inspires me to knit again! So I must add - Thank you for the inspiration!


Julie said...

what a great housewarming idea!! Love that knitted cactus. Glad to hear you are doing well!

Rachel said...

This is a such a cute housewarming gift...perfect for part-time residents! Glad to see a post up to know you are still alive and well even after dealing with 14 month old twins every day! I'm glad that you are still finding the inspiration (and the energy) to knit!

Carolyn said...

Great housewarming idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

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Yarny Days said...

Oh, how cute. What a great idea...