Friday, December 26, 2008

Wait - I did what?

So I just realized that I did all this mad crazy knitting for the holidays and I didn't take a single picture. Not one. I knit five pairs of beautiful gloves, and not one picture. I'm sure at some point I had a brain in my head, but it must've fallen out somehow. Think there's a lost and found for that?

Sometime over the next week I'll hunt down my family members and take photos of their gloves. I promise.

In the interim, I hope you all had a good holiday!!


Nell said...

Maybe the giftee's can send photos????

peaknits said...

I think the crazy busy of Christmas totally allows for brain farts:) At least you got your gift knitting done, right?! Happy New Year!

Siga said...

Make them take nice photos - as a thank you for the great gifts that they got! ;-)

tiennie said...

No pics for a knitting blog? :) Happy holidays to you!