Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pink with some frilly bits!

Yesterday afternoon, as my dog and my husband were snoring discordantly on the music room floor, I was knitting happily away at my wool hourglass sweater when I thought... "wait a minute. why the heck am I knitting a WOOL sweater at the beginning of the summer?"

In view of this sudden consideration, I went and got out my Orangina stash yarn (more wool, but it's lace wool and it's part silk, so it's okay) and started knitting Orangina on my size 3 circulars. You know what? I *SUCK* at knitting on size 3 circulars. Four rows in and I had so many mistakes that I had to frog the whole thing. Booooooo. I will have to borrow the size 3 straights from Nana. For now? Back to the wool sleeve.

Today I saw this on someone else's blog and decided I had to knit it. So I busted out my size 6 needles and the frogged pink yarn, and knit this bad girl up. Yes, yes, I know. I would look silly in this... it's for my neice! Only 18 months and she already luuuuuuvs pink frilly things. And stuffed animals, and kitties, and any sort of jewelry. For Christmas I knit her a little purse with a pair of play keys and a toy phone in it.... you should have seen her carrying this thing around. She'd hand me my purse and then gather up her purse and away we'd go!

I've already got the front all knit up... I just have to finish this backside and get some contrasting color cotton to make the frills and I'm done! Such a quick knit! I'll post pics of the neice modelling it as soon as it's done... next I'll have to figure out how to fair isle spiderman for the nephew.... Anybody know of some good spidey patterns out there? :D


Katherine said...

Isn't Monica quick? I love that about knitting for the 18-month-olds. And I'll let you know if I see any Spidey patterns out there; a certain small boy I know adores him, even though he doesn't really know anything about Spiderman. (You know that We Call Them Pirates hat - maybe that with little Spidey heads? I don't know).

About some older stuff you wrote - that bit about small dog weather warnings made me laugh out loud. And so did that book Lamb, actually, which I just finished. : )

tiennie said...

That does look sweet! My little girls love pink frilly things too but I don't think I was every like that.

bunchkin said...

I'm sort of knitting Orangina right now, also! I work on it in spurts. And if you find any superhero type knitting patterns for little boys, let me know. My boys would be ALL over that!