Monday, April 16, 2007

the fugly sticks

Not the most auspicious knitting weekend ever. I got stuff done, but it's... well, it's just not pretty. First offering:

The pink sizzle. This is the front in elann sonata. My guage swatch turned out pretty and even and soft - everything this is not. I'm really hoping that washing this will bloom the fiber a bit and maybe blocking will help even it out... I know I probably shouldn't wash and block this before I finish the back and put it all together, but I also don't want to waste the effort if it ain't gonna work. So tonight we're binding off the shoulders and sticking it in the sink. Wish me luck.

Second offering:
Have you ever SEEN such an ugly sock? I mean, honestly. Granted, it's my first ever sock and I kind of just made it up as I went, but yeesh. As ugly as it is, however, it is REALLY comfortable. So comfortable that I'm actually going to knit the other side (in opposite coloring) and make them my house socks. Like slippers, but uglier.

So that's what I did this weekend. Not a total loss, as I'll have comfortable and warm feet, but not quite what I was hoping. Ah well. Once my knitpicks order arrives I can finish my navy cardigan (can't wait!) and the glee is just about finished....


tiennie said...

I do like your "ugly" sock. They would go with my ratty ugly pjs that are so comfortable. Hope the sizzle turns out to your liking after washing/blocking.

Asa said...

Good luck with the felting - I like the colour. And the ugly socks aren't really that ugly!


bunchkin said...

I hope your Sizzle turns out well. When did you leave Eagle River? It has changed a LOT in the last 7 years!